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Welcome to the Birmingham UFO Group

This is the official website of Birmingham UFO Group. The group began in 2007 and continues to be one of the most active UFO groups in the UK. We look into cases from the area of Birmingham England and further afield, and are happy to investigate cases from anywhere in the world. Dave Hodrien is both Chairman and lead investigator for the group. He is a regular speaker on the UFO subject and writer for UFO Truth magazine. On this site you can submit sightings, read our case reports & articles, find out details about upcoming events, and explore a wealth of related material. If you are a contactee you may also wish to join in with our online support meetings. We hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact us and get involved.

21/05/2017 - Mark Olly Lecture

Thanks to all of you who turned up for the documentary night on Thursday, it was a really great evening. At our next meeting on Thursday 15th June we are welcoming Mark Olly to come and speak for the first time about the crystal skulls enigma, a subject which we have never covered before. It's bound to be a fascinating talk so hope to see you there. Details will be added to the Events & Lectures page asap, watch this space!

15/05/2017 - Nigel Mortimer Lecture Cancellation

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances Nigel Mortimer is no longer able to attend BUFOG on Thursday night to give his talk on UFO portals. The meeting will still be going ahead with a new surprise documentary! There will also be the usual updates from myself, a raffle and plenty of banter. So please do join us still for a great evening from 7.30pm at the usual venue.

08/05/2017 - Ben Emlyn-Jones Returns

We can now confirm that Ben Emlyn-Jones will be returning to BUFOG on Thursday 17th August to give a fascinating talk on a particular case from Nottinghamshire that could well have been a Roswell-like event. For further details on his upcoming lecture click here

14/04/2017 - Brain Training

Thanks to you gents who came to BUFOG last night for our UFO themed quiz.It was a tough battle of Ufological knowledge, but in the end there could only be one winner (and one runner up). Well done to Dave and Mike! Next month we welcome Nigel Mortimer to give his rescheduled lecture on UFO portals. It's going to be on Thursday 18th May, don't miss it! Click here for further details.

11/04/2017 - The Big Truth Seeker UFO Quiz!

On Thursday evening at BUFOG we will be holding a UFO themed pub quiz! With loads of rounds to test your knowledge, some prizes up for grabs and free pub snacks it's going to be a really fun evening. Everyone welcome, hope to see you there! For further details click here

31/03/2017 - BUFOG Chairman HPANWO Radio Interview Podcast

Our Chairman Dave Hodrien was recently interviewed on HPANWO Radio by fellow researcher Ben Emlyn-Jones. He was asked for his opions on a variety of aspects of Ufology and contact experiences. Click here for the recorded podcast of the show (The interview begins at 42.46).

26/03/2017 - Leeds Contact Case Update

A couple of recent fascinating incidents involving a potential abduction from a vehicle, electrical faults and body markings have been added to the case report of the gentleman from Leeds which was uploaded last year. Click here to go to the report and have a read.

23/03/2017 - BUFOG Rendlesham Forest Camp Official Announcement

To mark our 10th anniversary we will be heading down to Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk on Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July for a weekend of forest exploration, sky watching, BBQs, relaxation and banter. It's going to be an amazing time and a milestone event for the group which you are very much invited to attend. You'll need to arrange for travel and book a pitch at the campsite if you wish to come along. Click here for the full details.

21/03/2017 - Neil Geddes-Ward Lecture Video

Neil has uploaded his recent talk at BUFOG to Youtube for a limited time period. So if you couldn't make the meeting last week check it out here while you can! Highly recommended.

Upcoming Events

15th June - Mark Olly Lecture
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