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Welcome to the Birmingham UFO Group

This is the official website of Birmingham UFO Group. The group began in 2007 and continues to be one of the most active UFO groups in the UK. We look into cases from the area of Birmingham England and further afield, and are happy to investigate cases from anywhere in the world. Dave Hodrien is both Chairman and lead investigator for the group. He is a regular speaker on the UFO subject and writer for UFO Truth magazine. On this site you can submit sightings, read our case reports & articles, find out details about upcoming events, and explore a wealth of related material. If you are a contactee you may also wish to join in with our online support meetings. We hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact us and get involved.

21/09/2017 - Game Over

Thanks to everyone who turned up to see my talk on how UFOs and aliens have been represented by video games over the decades. It was great to have you all there, and I'm assuming from your reactions that it went down well! If you were unable to attend keep a look out in the coming months as I may well be giving the talk again at other events/conferences. Next month on Thursday 19th October we will be hosting another lecture, this time by Tony Buck from East Anglia UFO Group. He will be speaking at BUFOG for the first time and will be covering some of the fascinating cases which have occured in East Anglia since the turn of the last century. For further info click here

18/09/2017 - UFO Video Games Lecture Approaches

On Wednesday evening I'll be presenting possibly the world's first ever lecture on how UFOs and aliens have been represented by video games through the decades! Whether you're a gamer or not, prepare for a fun and fact-filled evening! 7.30pm onwards at our usual venue, Hot Shots Snooker Club in Oldbury. This will be the only chance to see the talk in its full un-cut capacity, as if I give it in the future I'll probably be time limited to a greater degree. Hope to see you there truthseekers! Everyone welcome, not just official BUFOG members. Click here for further details.

03/09/2017 - UFO Video Gaming Lecture Date Change!

Due to personal commitments I have had to change the date of the next BUFOG meeting and my new UFO Video Gaming lecture to Wednesday 20th September from 7.30pm. This will be the first meeting to take place on a Wednesday in a good while, and I hope that if you were planning to come to my talk you are still able to.

01/09/2017 - Game Time!

Full details for my new upcoming lecture on UFO video gaming have now been added to the Events & Lectures page. On the evening of Thursday 21st September I will be giving a lively talk on how the UFO subject has been represented in video games since the 1970s. I hope to see you there! Click here to have a read - Chairman Dave

22/08/2017 - UFO Video Gaming Lecture

Next month on Thursday 21st September I'll be presenting a brand new lecture for the first time themed on how UFOs have been portrayed by video games from the early days to present! Expect a similar vein to my UFOs & The Music Industry lecture, with loads of fun gaming clips, interesting stories and (fingers crossed) an exclusive interview. Full details will be added to the Events & Lectures page soon so watch this space! - BUFOG Chairman Dave

18/08/2017 - Grounded

Thanks to Ben Emlyn-Jones for coming back to BUFOG last night to give a superb talk on a fascinating UFO crash case from Nottinghamshire. It was great to hear about this lesser known incident in depth and the atmosphere of the whole evening was brill. Cheers to everyone who showed up.

26/07/2017 - August 1974 Formation Sighting Case Update

The report on the incredible formation sighting of August 1974, where a V-shaped formation of UFOs and two intelligently controlled blue orbs were observed by numerous groups of individuals at various places across the UK, has been updated with yet another sighting. Two ladies have confirmed that they too witnessed the blue orbs at close proximity. Click here to go to the report.

26/07/2017 - Ben Emlyn-Jones Lecture

Next month, investigator and radio presenter Ben Emlyn-Jones is returning to BUFOG to give a talk on a lesser known potential UFO crash which occured in Nottinghamshire in 1987, which could very well be similar to the infamous Roswell incident. Ben will be speaking on the evening of Thursday 17th August, so get it in your diary! For further details click here

03/07/2017 - Happy Anniversary To Us!

What a truly superb weekend down Rendlesham Forest for our 10th anniversary as a UFO group! Thanks to each and every one of you who turned up for it and made it such a great event. We explored the forest on numerous occassions both during daylight and after dark. The one and only Larry Warren gave us a guided tour, covering where events took place. We explored the UFO sculpture at the "landing site". Relaxed at camp with BBQs, drinks and plenty of banter. And of course the event included pranks, alien masks and general hilarity! We will be back.

Upcoming Events

19th October - Tony Buck Lecture
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